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24 Dec 2023

Announcement Regarding Defense Deadline for 1400 Entrants

27 Aug 2023

Publication of syllabus details for undergraduate and postgraduate courses

17 Jul 2023

Announcement of the admission of candidates for the Alternative Civilian Service

21 May 2023

PhD seminars in 1402

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History of Industrial Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology

Sharif University of Technology's Industrial Engineering department was established in 1347 (Iranian Calendar) by accepting 39 students to meet the needs of Iran's industries. In 1348, it accepted 50 students and gradually developed in the following years. The number of graduates of Industrial Engineering Department has reached more than 2200 undergraduate students, more than 700 masters students, and more than 25 doctoral students. The curriculum of the IE department has been developed according to the curriculums of leading IE departments at prestigious universities around the world and the scientific and unique needs of the country. The required academic staff of this department have been selected from among the professors who graduated from world class universities of America, Canada, England, Germany, France and Iran. In 1351, the first group of Industrial Engineering students graduated, who were quickly attracted to various industries, while some of them went abroad to continue their studies.


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